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Brand: Lighthouse Model: XMS19BATAA24
Lighthouse handy bulk pack of AA batteries, the most popular and largest selling size sold in the UK. These high-performance alkaline batteries are designed to offer a high-capacity for energy-hungry devices with a long storage life of up to 5 years. Alkaline batteries last longer when used with hig..
Exc Vat: £4.99
Brand: Lighthouse Model: XMS19EFOC350
The Lighthouse Elite Focusing Torch has 3 functions: high, low and strobe, and features the very latest technology by incorporating a CREE LED, providing a super bright beam from a single source. CREE LEDs are unsurpassed in both output and efficiency with a life span of over 100,000 hours and will ..
Exc Vat: £8.32
Brand: Lighthouse Model: XMS19EFOC800
Lighthouse Elite LED Rechargeable Torch offers a variety of great features and functions, including an 800 lumen output LED with 3 operating modes of High, Low, Strobe with a variable dimming function for precise light output. Focus control allows the beam to be adjusted from a tight spot beam to a ..
Exc Vat: £24.99
Brand: Lighthouse Model: XMS19HEAD280
This Lighthouse LED Headlight offers 4 output options; a high-performance XPG LED for high and low spot beam output, and COB LED side lights for wide angle beam or red flashing functions. Ideal for use around the home and leisure activities including camping, sailing, hiking, cycling and perfect for..
Exc Vat: £8.32
Brand: Lighthouse Model: XMS19HEADREC
The Lighthouse Rechargeable COB LED Headlight features the latest LED COB (Chip on Board) technology. This headlight provides a super bright, wide angle beam offering 3 outputs of High, Low or Strobe. An optional sensor operated mode allows the user to switch the light on or off by moving their hand..
Exc Vat: £16.66
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