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Accoya® Information

What is Accoya® treated wood?

The technology behind Accoya® is based on wood acetylation. This process alters the cell structure of wood, improving its technical properties and making it much stronger and more durable. Standard wood treatment still makes the wood somewhat susceptible to expansion and contraction wheres as Accoya® reduces that risk substantially and makes the wood more suitable for external use functions without the need for constant maintenance of the wood. Accoya® is guaranteed for 50 years when used above ground, and 25 year when used for below-ground applications.

What applications can Accoya® be used for?

Accoya® offers a superior level of performance to traditional softwoods, often exceeding that of even the most durable tropical hardwoods. It is ideal for exterior applications such as doors, window frames, garden decking, façades, cladding and sidings – all locations where exposure to the elements and dimensional stability and durability are important.

What ironmongery manufacturers are suited for Accoya®

We've partnered with the DJH Group LTD who's product range comes from both Finesse Design and Stonebridge Forge Ironmongery. They've developed their new Armour Coating® layer over their finish which has been given the full BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5 certificate which allows their products to be suitable and usable on Accoya® wood. With this Armour Coating® layer over their finish, it provides their Ironmongery the highest and most durable protection in all weather conditions which is why they give a 5 year guarantee on all their ironmongery products.*

With the Finesse Design ironmongery, we focus in onto the glorious Pewter finish they have developed over the last decade, improving their manufacturing process over the course of that decade, you can be assured of the quality that the products are built to a very high standard to comply with Accoya®'s high standards aswell. All Finesse Design products are 100% British made,

Stonebridge Forge Ironmongery on the other hand has two rather different but distinct finishes one is a beautiful Satin Steel while the other is a intense Flat Black. Both finishes can be used in tandem with Accoya® wood and provide ample quality and durability with their Armour Coating® layer over the finishes so that the ironmongery will be protected in all weather conditions in conjunction with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee. 

* 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee Subject To Manufacturer's Terms & Conditions